Re: META: Posting news

From: Emlyn (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 21:03:21 MDT

Harvey wrote:
> I, personally, would like to see the list subdivided into multiple lists.
> One for news, one for debates, one for party and light conversation, one
> updates about Extropians and ExI, one for projects and planning, one for
> official ExI announcements, one for personal Extropian announcements, etc.
> That way, each person could subscribe or unsubscribe to each type of list
> they want. One could turn on and off specific features as one gets more
> less time, or gains and loses interest.

I would predict that all the lists except for the "party and light
conversation" list would quickly die; that list would then become
indistinguishable from the original list.

Personally, I really enjoy the list the way it is - it's like an anarchic
Extropian soap opera / talk show. It's the best show not on TV.

I think that Email lists, warts and all, are one of the most effective
styles of forum for maintaining a subscriber base; very low friction... once
you are subscribed, very little proactivity is required to participate (and
no little amount of effort is required to remove yourself). Be careful
before moving to a web-based forum instead of an email list.I know email
seems sooo stone age, but it's working... we have some evidence already that
a web forum isn't necessarily better.


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