Re: Pascal's wager

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 03:19:57 MDT

From: Brent Allsop <>

>>Spike Jones <>,
>>I have seen the cryonics notion go mainstream one person at a time,
>>because of my risk/payoff matrix I display in my office. People get a
>>1000 km stare for a minute or two, then ask how much it costs, then say
>>something like "Well, I don't really see any good reason not to get frozen
>>I suppose. A long shot is better than no shot."
>This is great, but how do you respond to atheist, which comonly point out
>the falacy of "Pascal's wager" as an argument for believing in God, that
>also claims such a "A long shot is better than no shot." is the same
>invalid argument? I tried to make a response but I have a feeling that I
>could or should have had a much better response to this assertion.

You might point out that an investment of several thousand bucks is a lot
less of a wager than an entire lifetime lived according to what is supposed
to be pleasing to God. You might also point out that if you live a life of
"sin" you only have a 50% chance of going to hell, whereas if you die
without having made cryonic arrangements you have a 100% chance of staying


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