Re: PSYCH/ECON: "A Cure for Poverty"

From: Damien Sullivan (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 23:51:01 MDT

> constituents at any moment. We can't talk simply about a better and more
> prosperous and more humane state."
> There is no discussion in Congress at present about depression among the
> uninsured. Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico, who has been the joint
> sponsor of several important mental-health bills, says this situation is
> unlikely to change. "If you're asking whether we can expect much change
> simply because that change would serve everyone's advantage in immediate
> economic and human terms," Domenici says, "I regret to tell you that the
> answer is no."

Futarchy is looking pretty good, here.

Think about how broken a system has to be -- to naive (children's?) thought --
such that a quick monotonic improvement like that can't be taken.

-xx- Damien X-)

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