Re: Singurapture

From: Robert Wasley (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 22:40:42 MDT

"Zero Powers" wrote:
  Problem is, as much as many of us are focused on dealing with the problems
> of the day, we are all to some extent or another looking forward to the
> when our hopes for the future become reality. My guess is that for most
> this list that hope for the future is summed up in the term "Singularity."
> Some have said that predicting what follows the Singularity is akin to
> predicting what becomes of the laws of physics past the event horizon of a
> black hole. Maybe so, I don't know. But it does seem to me that the best
> hope for solution to problems that so far seem intractible (religious
> hatred, world hunger, poverty, incurable disease, etc.) would be the
> application of a good dose of super-intelligent friendly AI.

We do not need intelligent computers to develop solutions to the worlds
We already know what they are. The devil is in the details getting people to
together in the achievement of those goals. When that happens we would have
at the Singularity.

Robert Wasley

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