Re: Infinite Computing

Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 10:32:56 MDT

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<< Hmm. I am intriqued enough to ask what, a bit more precisely, you
 mean. What constitutes "setting things right" in your way of
 thinking? And why should this "rebooting" or fixing of the human
 condition take such computing power? Does fixing assume you or some
 group or sentience knows what is "wrong" and can fix it for everyone's
 good? Does it include and accomodate the choices and free will of
 - samantha >>
No Samatha, I just like being some big, dumb, fat, fascist ;-D Or as one
cartoon I had seen many years ago, during the xmas season, "No I don't like
chopping down Christmas Trees myself, I just like killing lower lifeforms".
What I would like to correct is death and sorrow, and yes if people want to
choose death and sorrow, they should be free to do so. I would like to make
such fact of life, much more optional. Probably I would extend that axiomatic
condition to pets also. Making disease would be nice too. An Extropian's
reach exceeds ver grasp, or what's a Singularity for?


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