Re: Why democratic transhumanism

From: Robin Hanson (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 09:20:03 MDT

On 26 Apr 2001, James J. Hughes wrote:
>Reasons why transhumanists need to open up to democratic thought include:
>A. Defending transhumanist technologies, and the right to use them, can only
>be achieved by engaging in the political process, and not by diddling around
>with anti-political abstractions like Privately Produced Law ...

PPL isn't anti-political, but it is clearly a long-term political goal.
You could reasonable argue that focusing on long-term large political
changes distracts from shorter term smaller accomplishments. But some focus
on longer-term larger changes, political and otherwise, is pretty central
to the whole idea of transhumanism.

>C. Anarcho-capitalism is bad social science. All markets require social
>construction, and the rule of law. Accepting that, one slowly has to
>acknowledge the utility of democratic institutions, although dog knows they
>can and should be made more efficient, far-sighted and accountable. ...

I'm not really an anarcho-capitalist anymore, nor a libertarian, but I
think this criticism is misplaced. Anarcho-capitalism is consistent with
both social construction and a rule of law. The question is *how* law
and society are to be constructed. Acknowledging that democratic institutions
have utility is not the same as concluding that they are the best possible
form of government.

I applaud attempts to think more fundamentally about alternative forms of
government, without assuming that some form of democracy must be the best
possible form.

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