Re: CRYO: "Ischemia" vs. "Reversibly dead"

From: Emlyn (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 03:53:28 MDT

Samantha Atkins wrote:
> Nope. Almost every religion claims that death is not the end and that
> death will lose its sting. If dead becomes simply an interlude to being
> revived to new life (cryonics) or one does not die but simply
> periodically transforms or assumes forms when needed (uploads.
> simulation), then there is nothing about that that is incompatible.
> None of the holy books say precisely how resurrection, or translation to
> "heaven" (sounds like VR space a lot), or transmigration of souls
> (transference of backup individuality) or reincarnation (serial
> assumption of different life scenarios) take place. Creating workable
> means to accomplish some of these things should be applauded by
> religious folks. We can even show how gods can come about in reality.
> Hallelujah! What a revelation! Surely God, aka the Power, aka the
> Sysop has smiled upon us!

I will add, that very few people involved in >H, extropianism, purely
cryonics, or whatever your flavour, would seriously suggest that any of us
will live for *all eternity*. While we might be shooting for close (my
joke), the maths alone says we must come a cropper some time before forever.

So, any life-extension techniques are merely temporary. If there's a God, or
otherwise an afterlife, it will get us in the end, afterall. God's meant to
be immortal, eternal, etc etc... surely multiplying our lifespans by a few
orders of magnitude couldn't really matter in the greater scheme of

Just remember, as the heat death of the universe approaches, deathbed
conversion is still an option...

(not that I believe in that stuff, mind you)

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