FYI: Henson and the Scientologists. [H. Keith Henson]

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Subject: Henson and the Scientologists.

Since there has been a bit of a dust up over on sci.cryonics, I though I
would update the list as to what has been going on for a while. The below
was posted on alt.religion.scientology by a person who is now out of

Keith Henson


This is to my friends around the world who care about Freedom of Speech.

As has been well posted, Scientology has once more chipped into our
basic rights and Freedoms re Keith Henson. Here is a quiet man who stood
outside their compound and picketed in honor of a few people who died at
their hands. You all know the rest of the story, and if not, please read
all the posts re Henson.

Ok, so here's one step we can help on. Write letters! It has been said
that for every one letter written, it is counts as 100 in. So please
take the time to write a letter to the ACLU about this violation of
Freedom of Speech. Please re-post this to whomever you know cares about
the freedom, as well as real churhes too.

1616 Beverly Blvd.
LA, CA 90026
phone: 213-977-9500

  Topic is 'The Keith Case:,1283,43420,00.html, and'

OK? There is the informantion, as well as in many posts. Please write a
It doesn't have to be long or detailed, but just say in your own words
that there HAS been a violation, and you wouild like their help in
looking into it.

The rest is up to you, but please do write! And write today, or
tomorrow at the latest.

My love to all, and may you have a delightful Sunday!!

Tory/Magoo~dancing in the moonlight~


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