Re: Larry Ellison article mentions Extropy

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 20:33:35 MDT

The last line of the news story reads:

"Even if the Fountain of Youth is discovered,'' Lederberg said, ``it will be
10 years before anyone got any benefit.''"

Don't you just love it when they end those news stories with a quote
embodying the politically correct moral tone?
But this was a very interesting and important article. Ellison could play
the the white knight for life extension. But he may want to consider
spending part of that fat bankroll on influencing public opinion. That is
the real battlefield.

This is another reason to maintain a reasonably civil tone on this list. You
never know who might drop in.

BTW, does anyone know how Ellison feels about cryonics?

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