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Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 17:45:14 MDT

Manfred Requardt explains that pre-geometrical bucket-of-dust
infinite-computing fantasy.

< Our personal working philosophy is that space-time at the very bottom
(i.e. near or below the notorious Planck scale) resembles or can be modeled
as an evolving information processing cellular network, consisting of
elementary modules (with, typically, simple internal discrete state spaces)
interacting with each other via dynamical bonds which transfer the
elementary pieces of information among the nodes.
That is, the approach shares the combinatorial point of view in fundamental
space-time physics which has been advocated by e.g. Penrose.
It is a crucial and perhaps characteristic extra ingredient of our framework
that the bonds (i.e. the elementary interactions) are not simply dynamical
degrees of freedom (as with the nodes their internal state spaces are
assumed to be simple) but can a fortiori, depending on the state of the
local network environment, be switched on or off, i.e. can temporarily be
active or inactive!
This special ingredient of the dynamics hopefully allows the network to
perform geometric phase transitions into a new ordered phase displaying a
certain two-story structure to be explained below.
This conjectured emergent geometric order can be viewed as kind of a
discrete proto space-time or pregeometry carrying metrical, causal and
dimensional structures. >

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