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Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 12:43:48 MDT

spin doctor
Function: noun
Date: 1984
: a person (as a political aide) responsible for ensuring that others
interpret an event from a particular point of view
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On 29 Apr 2001, at 13:15, Sabine Atkins wrote:

> ok, now I think I should try to explain what happened in our dimension: Brian, > who dislikes cynical critisism (especially when it is used to point out weaknesses > without providing a possible solution for getting rid of them), read: "The > Extropians aren't ready for prime time." That was a slap in his face - Boom! > There it was, without further explanation, without a "But this is just my opinion", > without providing a possible solution to the problem. > To Brian it looked you didn't know what you were talking about. No wonder he > was upset. But he didn't swing his fists at you. That's just your imagination. He > just said basically (or let's say that was what he intended to say): "Get out, > educate yourself better about what you want to critizise, then come back." > > 4/29/01 5:18:04 AM, "John Marlow" <> wrote: > > >It does indeed seem we're living in different dimensions, so I'll try > >to explain what happened in mine: I have not attempted to strike. > >Some guy named Brian comes at me out of the blue, swinging with both > >fists (albeit missing with both)--then stalks off claiming the high > >ground. Most curious indeed. I do hope his "bubble" doesn't burst. > > > >ttfn > > > >jm > > -- > Sabine Atkins > > -- > Singularity Institute for > Artificial Intelligence > > >

John Marlow

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