RE: Maximizing results of efforts Re: Mainstreaming

From: John Marlow (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 21:19:15 MDT

On 28 Apr 2001, at 15:41, Ben Goertzel wrote:

> A couple responses.
> ....
 If a group of extropians were to take up charitable pursuits,
> education would be the natural direction to go in, because it jibes with so
> many of our other interests.

#There will be no interest in TH topics from people without an
advanced educational base--so you could view these efforts as a long-
term strategy, or a total waste of time if your aim is converts.

> ...
> I am spending almost all my time and effort working toward the Singularity,
> myself.

#Not sure that's a good idea. We're not ready for it. We must be
prepared when it hits or extinction is likely. It'll get here; no
need to rush it.

> p.s.
> Bill Gates is spending his money on neither helping the poor NOR on urging
> along the Singularity.


Of course not; Singularity would destroy everything that makes Bill
Gates Bill Gates.

John Marlow

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