RE: Maximizing results of efforts Re: Mainstreaming

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 16:51:20 MDT

> Suggesting that money be diverted from the Singularity (or the Extropy
> Institute) to CARE has to be literally the worst possible way to implement
> philanthropy. It is not only eating your seed grain, it is deliberately
> searching out and eating the most valuable seed grain on the entire
> planet.
> There is a place in the world for CARE, and a place in the world for ExI.
> I am not suggesting that CARE be destroyed. Your suggestion that ExI fund
> CARE, however, makes far less sense than suggesting the reverse.

It would appear that you entirely missed my point, which was that if
transhumanists want to improve their public image, then they should do
things that are associated with goodness in the public mind.

The advantage of transhumanists improving their public image is: More people
will listen to them, and more people will fund them.

Thus I am suggesting that by judiciously diverting some efforts from direct
pursuit of transhumanism to "good works" goals that promote good PR and good
will toward transhumanits, transhumanists may ultimately do MORE for
transhumanism than by devoting ALL their efforts directly to transhumanist

I guess this is a somewhat subtle point, but it's not THAT tricky, is it?


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