Re: PLUG: Extropian Music

From: Emlyn (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 22:59:08 MDT

E Shaun Russell wrote:
> For the record (no pun intended!), I chose Symphonic Electronica as the
> category for "Alive" on the site. It made it up to
> #48 on the Symphonic Electronica charts on April 16th. For those who
> know,'s chart system is updated daily, reflecting the amount of
> plays and downloads a particular song gets. The best I was able to muster
> after my first CD was #21 in the Progressive Electronica
> category...incidentally with my least liked composition from the album.

Symphonic Electronica? Ok, that's getting closer. Thanks for the input,
Shaun; I'll check out that genre and related ones.

I've got Alive itself filed under Classical Contemporary, which I don't
think is correct. It did, however, go to #1 in that category in the last
couple of days. Micro fish in nano pond.


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