Dissociation (Was: "Reversibly dead")

From: Anders Sandberg (asa@nada.kth.se)
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 03:54:58 MDT

torsdagen den 26 april 2001 22:07 xgl wrote:
> > I mentioned this
> > feeling once in an oddball telephone conversation I was
> > having with a friend many years ago, saying something
> > like "doesn't it ever make you feel **claustrophobic** to
> > be stuck in your own infinitesimal corner of spacetime?",
> > whereupon my friend asked "have you been dropping windowpane
> > acid?" ;->
> woah!! this is so cool! i feel like this, like, all the time! it's
> like, i slap myself from time to time and say "i'm *me*!! how did i get
> here?"

I share the same feeling. Of course, then I immediately think: it couldn't be
anything different, after all I am the universal wave function. It just
happens that "this part" of me has mental processes that are disconnected
from the mental processes of other parts.

Ah, dissociation for fun and profit!

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