META: GET LOST Re: Common Extropian Errors (was Common human Errors)

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 03:19:20 MDT

From: Brian Atkins <>
>Why are we putting up with this buffoon in our own house? I've had about
>enough of the stupid add-nothing-to-the-discussion posts, and now outright
>attacks. If you want to bash us, go over to hang out with the other neo-
>luddite technophobic morons. There are plenty of lists to choose from.


I predict that John Marlow will piss off each person here at one
time or another. He's good at that, whether his is a conscious or
unconscious effort.

While I agree his posting style is extremely annoying, I suggest not
taking him too seriously. Imagine him as your caustic, curmudgeonly,
grandfather from some old-school (not sure what). In the right mind
state, one can learn something important from anyone, so try that. He
likes Calvin-and-Hobbes, so you can humor him with that, if you get
angry and need to blow off steam. I've already decided that if he
were at a scientific press conference where I was presenting
scientific results, I would probably try to slip a whoopie cushion
underneath his seat.


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