Re: ROBOT: Global Hawk Outperforms Charles Lindbergh (by orders of magnitude)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 22:07:57 MDT

Ken Clements wrote:

>> I predict that as soon as practical, all our weapons and
>> surveillance systems will be drones with their controllers
>> warm and safe at home. spike
> N. Tesla predicted that we would see the end of war when all humans
> were removed from it, and we became fed up with the cost of replacing
> the robots. Here are the last four paragraphs from his autobiography
> _My Inventions_

Hey who is this N. Tesla character and who does he think
he is, ripping off all my best ideas? And where does he
get off naming himself after the EM field unit?

{8^D spike

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