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From: Xipe (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 17:12:48 MDT

> Ah, hi. This marks you as an official target for the> monkey gallery. > Sad but true.I was hoping it would. Being nuts means I don't end up thinking too much of myself- something I'll do anything to prevent. People seem to believe far too often that if they justify themselves with statistics (ooooh, I did six thousand situps the first time I sat down! Guess I'm sooooooo specialized and wonderful! I have nothing, absolutely NOTHING to gain from these people...) or by stating quite simply that they "are" x or y or z that they don't have to suffer the consequences if they say something absolutely bonehead. I want to start from bonehead and work my way up without assuming anything *is* anything.> psst--Don't criticize evolution; you'll never hear> the end of it.Why would I do that?Just wanted to see the results of introducing myself without actually submitting any information or using the word "I". Thought it would be funny.

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