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Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 12:02:32 MDT

I just think that if they want tariff protections then they should allow
foreign media access to some channels. Also, they should allow their
people freedom of speech and of the press.


Brian D Williams wrote:

> From:
> >But the "they" that will pay are almost entirely those innocent of
> >keeping the spy plane/crew. Isn't a basic tenet of morality
> >around here that you don't punish the innocent?
> American citizens are blamed/punished/killed all the time for the
> actions of the U.S government.
> >P.S. I don't see what's to get so riled up about. Holding some
> >hostages in a hotel for two weeks is awfully mild compared to
> >ongoing wars in Congo or Israel, to severe repression in
> >Afghanistan, or even to the drug "war" in the US. As to keeping
> >the spy plane, seriously, what do you expect? The US would do the
> >same if it had stuff to learn from their equipment. If you want
> >to induce good behavior throughout the world, there are scads of
> >more significant targets.
> Yes, fortunately our people are back safe. This does not excuse the
> taking and holding of them in the first place.
> But the Chinese government is having a grand old time broadcasting
> propaganda to it's people about us, propaganda I was suprised to
> see the people so readily believing. Sorry, but if you or your
> government talk bad about me, I don't trade with you.
> As to the plane, yep I expected them to keep it for as long as they
> can, but if it's not back before the most favored nation trade
> staus comes up for renewal, it should be denied.
> Surveillance missions should begin again, with armed fighters to
> help maintain proper distances if necessary.
> You may wish to note that I am personally boycotting China (and
> encouraging others) I am not calling for government action on a
> boycott.
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