Re: TECH/IDEA FUTURES: Nevada Law Would Permit Internet Gambling ...

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 22:51:53 MDT

Brent Allsop wrote:

> What about setting up a real money idea futures some place
> like sealand? Would there be problems with this? Brent Allsop

Could not one set up a private encrypted email group (such as
has been demonstrated by a well-known extropian) to do
a real money version of ideas futures based on prices on the
Foresight Exchange? Perhaps something like this is already
in existence? Or, do a private real money ideas futures that
use the memes on Foresight Exchange but does not use the
prices on that list. Payoffs could change hands using PayPal.
No need to involve sealand. spike

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