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From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 17:28:41 MDT

On Wed, 18 April 2001, wrote:
> wasn't this done last year ??? I'm sure ive seen
> this before.

Sure was... the press release was on June 7, 2000. There's nothing different about the experiment reported then and the one reported now; the Washington Post article seems to be just a rehash of details combined from various experiments, nothing especially recent.

>From the April 16, 2001 article:
"Using a microscope, Mussa-Ivaldi or his colleagues extract brain stems from the squiggly, pencil-thin, 6-inch-long lamprey larvae under anesthetic. They put the half-inch-long brain stem on a stand, connect electrodes to both sides of it, and run wires to each side of the robot, an off-the-shelf miniature from Switzerland called a Khepera."

>From the first article:
"To create the hybrid, the team extracted a lamprey's brainstem and part of its spinal cord under total anaesthetic, and maintained it in an oxygenated and refrigerated salt solution. .... The robot itself is a commercially available module called a Khepera and couldn't look less like a lamprey."

There's another article from last June, at

And an article from November 27, 2000, when it went on display at a London museum:
"Professor Sandro Mussa-Ivaldi, whose team developed the fish-machine interface, said: "This is trespassing on nature but scientists do that all the time. It's worth it if it leads to new knowledge and better prosthetic limbs." "

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