Re: spike's Body, a modern medical enigma

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Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 12:34:13 MDT

Crucial Q: Was male interest rise once more on CR removal, hmm? And
while on CR, are the little squiggly guys healthy?


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> >Have studies looked at the fat in and around the organs of CR victims-
> >-I mean, adherents? Wondering if it's intact (as needed) or
> >scavenged.
> Nothing specifically in people; but omental fat is always the last to go.
> CR as prescribed does not completely remove body fat.
> >Also, female bodybuilders, shall we say, cease to be
> >reproductive creatures until their bodyfat goes up above 2% or so;
> >body figures times are too tough for kiddies. Does this happen with
> >CR?
> Don't know about female humans. Female animals typically become
> non-reproductive for the duration of CR, beyond a certain point.
> Removal of CR restores fertility and there are cases of CR
> female mice having babies after *all* of the non-CR controls
> were dead (this was done deliberately, to prove the point)
> Males (animals and humans) have less interest in sex, but generally
> don't lose it entirely.

John Marlow

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