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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 23:21:36 MDT

Fascinating stuff, isn't it? Anyone interested in maxing out on MC
(on all topics), stop by here:

A few fave quotes:

Q: What have your immense wealth and success earned you?
A: The right to be resented wherever I go.


Q: You've been quoted as saying everyone in Hollywood is stupid. Is
that accurate?
A: No; what I actually said was "Everyone in Hollywood is INCREDIBLY
stupid." [Later retracted, more or less--though I'd say largely


A lot of what I've done in the past has been misunderstood--at least
from my standpoint. When I was writing Jurassic Park, I was in a
tremendous panic. I thought, It's one thing to try to do a persuasive
story about a satellite that comes down--we know there are satellites
and one could theoretically come down. But in the case of Jurassic
Park, I was going to try to convince readers and then viewers that
dinosaurs reappear in the contemporary world. I was panicked that
people would start to read it and go, "Forget it! No way!" All of my
focus was there. Then I write the thing and everybody buys it without
discussion. They buy that science brought back dinosaurs. And then
they say, "Yeah, but the characters are no good."


On 17 Apr 2001, at 20:43, Jim Fehlinger wrote:

> I stumbled across a Web article today entitled
> "Why Science Is Media-Dumb", a transcript of an
> address delivered by author Michael Crichton
> (_The Andromeda Strain_, _Jurassic Park_, etc.)
> to the American Association for the Advancement
> of Science in January 1999, and broadcast later
> that year by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
> It's very entertaining.
> Jim F.

John Marlow

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