Re: spike's Body, a modern medical inigma

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 21:43:11 MDT

> "True, alas true. A quarter century of CR has left a mere
> shell of a man, 6 ft tall, 125 pounds. I have a washboard
> back. I prefer the phrase "brain and bone" however."

Al Villalobos wrote:

> Do people flee in horror when you take your shirt off at the beach? ;-)

No. I flee in horror from the beach.

Actually if I ever go there, I cover all my skin, long pants, long
sleeves, sox, shoes and hat.

> ...have you been tracking your CR with blood
> chemistry tests of any kind?
> CBC, glucose, IGF-1, or any of those?
> If available, I think they would be MOST interesting to the group.

How do I get all that stuff? I have records from 18 blood donations,
but I dont think they measure any of those parameters.

Ive never been scientific about CR other than to alternate
vitamins, a few months with, a few months without for
several years to see what they do, and to vary the calories
to see if there is any correllation, CR with depression/anxiety,
or anything else. I kept a record book for a few years
as a teenager. My admittedly unscientific finding: the
vitamins didn't do anything at all, and if there is any
correllation between CR and depression it was weak
indeed in my case. Perhaps I was using the wrong
vitamins? Mine were standard grocery store variety,
nothing exotic. I eventually gave them up, but I may
go back again to a limited regimen.

> Were you a skinny sort of guy before you started CR? To me, at 70.5" and
> 165lbs and 8% bodyfat, 6' 125lbs seems almost borderline impossible.

Ja, its scary. My BMI has always been in the
neighborhood of 17. On the brighter side, Ive
escaped the health problems that have cursed
my family. Im 40: several people have told me
that I dont look a day over 39.

Of course, they told me that 10 years ago, but
lets not get hung up in the details.

On the down side, Im pretty sure that CR causes
severe brain damage. Thats my story anyway, and Im
sticking to it. spike

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