Re: Made in China

From: Neal Blaikie (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 09:38:05 MDT

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> 'Exploit' means to utilize. Thus, anyone who works for anyone else is
> 'exploited', all raw materials are 'exploited'. If the sort of
> 'exploitation' that socialists and union members in industrialized
> nations complain that occurs in third world nations constitutes income
> in excess of the average income, then there is only exploitation in the
> imaginations of those who seek to protect obsolescent jobs.

Like Brian has already pointed out, I'm going with "take advantage of" as the
definition of exploit. I suppose if one doesn't want to face a problem, benign
euphemisms are one way to make them go away (or should I say "disappear
them"?). As for everyone and every thing being "exploited," well, if you want
to define things that way I guess you can. We're talking about qualitative
differences here, about the difference between utilizing and abusing (or
enslaving, or murdering, or raping). This is a serious problem that needs
serious attention. Your attempt to write it off by making it sound like
something it isn't is typical exploiter rhetoric. Do you own stock in Nike or

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