*NEW!* EVENT: Are You Ready?!

From: Natasha Vita-More (natasha@natasha.cc)
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 11:27:16 MDT


Now that you have deleted the previous mindless blooper, please read this -:)

I was just ready to schedule the date of May 19th, as this was a date most
could attend, however I am rescheduling it to July or August. Since it has
been many months since some of us discussed having an event and a tribute
to FM-2030, a few more months will seem like nano-seconds when considering
a larger picture.

My reason for rescheduling is two-fold. First, I had a scheduling overload
for the month of May and the theater I had planned to book is now
unavailable. For these two reasons, it seemed best to simply move it to
another month.

Please let me know if July/August is a good time, and preferential dates
for you.

The beauty of designing an event is in the coalescing of ideas.

Dream to dare!

m e t a C U L T U R E

"I plan to host a transhuman event in LA this summer. There are various
reasons for producing the event: Getting the many groups of transhumans
together; (2) discussing the opposition to our views on technologies and
the potential ideological conflicts; (3) honoring FM-2030; (4) discussing
new ways to deal with the impact our culture is having on society; and (5)
an extropic exchange of creative and inventive ideas about our future."

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