Re: Abuse of future neuroscience applied technologies

Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 14:32:07 MDT

  What makes you think I haven't done this yet? Unlike the majority of you
here, I am not a scientific researcher. In point of fact, I am still in
college. As a result, it makes it sort of hard for me to publish or get out
any sort of word on this and be taken seriously by the media that is at my
access, which is not a whole lot other than literary magazines.

   I subscribed to this list because I care about the future and I knew that
there *would* be people on it that have access and can get word to alot of
things that I can't. But I have to point out the negatives involved in
technology, because every Extropian site I've been to, to me, sees the future
with rather rose-tinted glasses.

   That and since some of you are actually robotics and neurbiology
researchers rather than just avid sci-fi fans like me, I figure that you
guys will be able to deal with the specifics of things, rather than just
general concepts, which is about all I can do.


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> If you have an opinion, write it up, post it online, publish it in the
> newspaper, or whatever. Don't tell us that somebody needs to consider
> it. All the "somebodies" in this world - you know, the people who say
> "Somebody needs to do something, and 'somebody' is me" - are already kind
> of busy.

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