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Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 08:15:02 MDT

>Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 03:14:23 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Travas Gunnell <travasg@yahoo.com>
>Subject: Fluoridation?
>OK, I had never thought that there was any reason to
>believe that there was anything wrong with a
>fluoridated drinking supply. But, I have a habit of
>exploring viewpoints that I disagree with, so I
>thought I'd see if these anti-fluoridation people were
>all complete flakes, or simply deluded, or what.
>Well, I now have serious doubts about
>fluoridation. After dispensing with the obvious
>flakes, like the "Fluoride is government mind control"
>people, I found some things that were actually useful:
>The above is about a guy who was the Principal Dental
>Officer of Auckland, New Zealand who, while doing
>research to become New Zealand's expert on
>fluoridation to lead a campaign to promote
>fluoridation, came to change his mind completely.
>An overview with many references:
>Fluoridation also appears to be banned in most of
>Western Europe:
>I'm sure there are people here that know much
>more about this stuff than I do, so... Comments
>I suppose this doesn't really relate to
>transhumanism very well, but what the hell... :-)
>- -Travas

We have a flouridated system here in Ireland, and of late there's been much
discussion regarding it.

When it was first introduced, the law made provision for studies to be
carried out on an on-going basis to determine long term trends. In fact I
believe the law required it. People have been questioning why this was
never done, and the overall health issues involved.

I've seen a flyer in a local herb/vitamin/alt. medicine store about
this. It's put out by a nun I believe. She goes on about various
chemicals being present (lead, plutonium etc) in the water supply. Some of
them sounded a bit suspect, others would need verification. If people are
interested in this topic, I might be able to get one of them.

Overall, I don't know enough about the issue yet to make a call. Anyone else?

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