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Subject: OWL: Announcing The Atlas Society

As of April 12, 2001, The Atlas Society (http://www.atlassociety.org/) --
an international organization for the many admirers of the fiction of Ayn
Rand -- officially launches its public activities, and opens its doors to
accept members.

Our focus is solely to celebrate and explore the aesthetic and spiritual
values to be found in Ayn Rand's fiction. TAS welcomes anyone who
appreciates her magnificent artistic achievements, regardless of their
degree of understanding of, or agreement with, her philosophy -- and
regardless of their affiliations with any other organizations.

The TAS Web site (http://www.atlassociety.org/) will provide you an
ever-expanding archive of information about Ayn Rand and her literary work,
plus an array of interactive features and resources. Many of these benefits
-- such as the ability to meet and discuss fiction-related topics with
other TAS members -- are available only to TAS members in special
password-protected areas of the Web site. TAS members also will receive a
periodic newsletter, invitations to exciting events, plus discounts on
literature and products related to Ayn Rand's fiction.

Annual TAS membership dues are only $25.00 for individuals or couples. This
modest fee will help defray the considerable costs of providing you with
these values. And your dues will immediately open the door for you to
explore many more exclusive features available to members on this Web site.

If you enjoy the style, spirit, and sense of life of Ayn Rand's stories --
if her ennobled view of human potential has touched your soul, as it has
mine -- then I cordially invite you to join The Atlas Society today, and
help us create a global network of all those who share that vision.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Society.

Bob Bidinotto
Director, The Atlas Society

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