Re: Torvalds says: Mac OSX is crap...

From: Arctic Fox (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 14:26:08 MDT

At 19:28 12/04/01, you wrote:
>Anyone have an opinion of BeOS that I hear about once in awhile? As in
>comparison contrast with Linux and Mac OSX. Although I'm a former NeXT owner
>(sniff!) I'm not interested in dealing with Apple even if OSX is a descendant
>of NeXTstep. I'm a Win98 user now but considering Linux, FreeBSD, or BeOS.
>Walter Kehowski

Be is a great OS for some people, not so great for others. It doesn't try
to be a monolith like Windows. Why not try the FREE edition that can be
booted from Windows?

Very fast and user friendly (it nearly became OSX but NeXT jumped in there)
but more for personal use than for servers etc.

Mail me if you want some more info. IMHO it's brilliant so expect a biased


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