Re: Thin may be in, But Fats where its at

From: Emlyn (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 00:52:44 MDT

Damien wrote:
> At 12:43 PM 4/10/01 EDT, Mitch fwd'd:
> >Researchers at UCLA and the University of Pittsburgh say they have
> >human stem cells from fat sucked out of patients during routine
> [...]
> >Stem cells develop in the first stages of human life when they form a
> of
> >biological blank slate. Early research looked at embryonic tissue
> >from fertility clinics, but abortion opponents have challenged the
> >of such experiments on the basis that life begins at conception.
> >
> >President George W. Bush has stated his opposition to embryonic stem cell
> >research, and his administration is reviewing whether to block federal
> >funding for it, a step that has drawn a counter-plea from 80 U.S. Nobel
> >laureates.
> Oh my god! DIETING is MURDER! We must outlaw this foul activity! Close
> Jenny Craig! Picket the fat farms! Every inch off the hips is a thousand
> lives stolen from God's Kingdom by EVIL KILLERS!

I'm chubbing up for Jesus. Thank the lord!

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