'Dr. Suess' on Flash...

From: Michael Lorrey (mlorrey@datamann.com)
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 13:03:08 MDT

by 'Pouncer'
>Would you like Macromedia Flash?
>I would not like Macromedia Flash!
>Would you download version four?
>I will not download version four,
>nor three nor five, whatever for?
>I think your spiffy files are trash.
>I do not want Macromedia Flash.
>Would you come visit our site?
>We have no virus, it's alright!
>I will not come visit your site.
>I think you're asking out of spite.
>Flash is not something that I need.
>And what I need instead, is speed.
>I think intrusive dialog boxes
>about as fun as chicken poxes!
>I've clicked you twice, now go away.
>I will not download Flash today.
>Now, you want to see page two?
>I have something nice for you.
>Macromedia Flash is free today.
>Click here! We're giving it away.
>To see page two, first, download Flash.
>It will not cost you any cash.
>Just take some time to get our file.
>Try it. Try it. You will smile.
>I do not want it. Go away.
>It's not I can't afford to pay.
>I will not take it for a fee.
>I will not take it when it's free.
>I do not want Macromedia Flash.
>I do not want your crummy trash.
>Page two's loaded. But it's blank.
>The download speed for this page stank.
>We split apart the part you need
>and left the Flash file here, for speed.
>But on page three your text is set.
>It's an easy text to get.
>Just click upon the bouncing ball.
>It isn't very hard at all.
>The ball that you need Flash to see
>is where you click to see page three.
>I am quite tempted, I admit
>to click your balls, or some such bit.
>But it's back to search engines for me.
>I won't fight through to see page three.

>You clicked on "back"? Oh good. Hooray.
>We've got a deal for you today.
>We'll help you Flash. Click here, click now.
>Come see our site. We'll show you how.
>You will like Macromedia Flash.
>You _WILL_ like Macromedia Flash !!!
>Please feel free to forward this
>request to other usegroups and maillists
>as you find appropriate. (Though, as I am
>a Hotmail user, Microsoft owns all the
>copyrights to my messages, anyway; and I may
>not be authorized to give such permissions.)

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