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Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 08:39:12 MDT

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> Yeah, the problem is that he is excepting that one event from the bet.
> What would be nice is a statement from an airline pilot that they are
> done in training (not in a simulator).

I asked my brother, an airline pilot, about doing barrel rolls as routine
training. Here's his reply:

This is BS. A Boeing test pilot did do a roll in the prototype 707 ("dash
80" in Boeing speak) over Lake Washington in the 50's but that's about it
documented cases of which I am aware.

We do train for unusual attitude recovery but it is done in the simulator
along with all other training. You can actually get a type rating in these
simulators and never see the real airplane.

As an aside, a properly executed barrel roll puts very little stress on the
plane, perhaps 1.5 Gs. The key is "properly executed." A botched one can
take the plane apart.


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