Re: H SPACE: "Scientists predict Moon base by 2007"

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Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 15:21:50 MDT

>From: J Corbally <>

>By 2007? Does anyone here really think this is going to be listened to?

I predict that NASA will never have a lunar base or mars base. If there's
ever a NASA trip to Mars, they'll plant a flag and go home and never return.
If there's ever a lunar base it will be established by colonists and later
ones by private enterprise.

>Sad thing is, in 10 years time people will complain about "whacky"
>Scientists "predicting" a moon base back in good old '01.
>In the meantime, what would be the pros and cons of a Lunar as opposed to a
>Martian base? Luna would be nearer, but wouldn't Martian gravity be
>better? Would we be in a situation of having to "justify" a Lunar base
>like needs to be done for ISS?

- There is no carbon or nitrogen, and very little hydrogen.
- The long lunar night would require lots of batteries, or a nuclear plant.
- We know that we have the technology to do it today.
- It's only a couple days trip between Earth in case there is an emergency
and food or equipment needs to be sent, and there wouldn't be much
muscle-rot during the trip.
- You wouldn't need as many solar panels since you'd be getting much more
light, and it wouldn't be filtered through an atmosphere.

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