Re: "analog computer" = useless hypothesis?

Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 19:30:56 MDT

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<< J. R. writes:
> If life coded itself into the quantum geometry of space itself, wouldn't that > make it invisible to us? And if it's invisible to us, could that explain ermi's "paradox" -- we don't see ETIs because they're in hyperspace.<

<<The standard answer to this is that when life colonizes a new niche, it does not abandon the old one. There is still life in the oceans even though life has colonized land. So even if it is possible to move into subspace, evolution will still encourage life forms which colonize ordinary matter.
Hal >>

Its also a new opportunity for our massively remote descendents to inhabit a "new" realm of reality (if true) and lead to enormous, resources, that can be used for computability, as Smolin seems to be suggesting.

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