Re: UFO RaŽl and the definition privilege

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Sun Apr 01 2001 - 06:09:50 MDT

>Actually, extropians were mentioned several years ago in the writings
>of Christer Sturmark, a Swedish IT journalist/pundit. He simply
>regarded extropianism as some kind of new age religion, and I had an
>letter exchange with him in a journal. But extropianism per se is not
>widely known. The closest thing are of course us in the Swedish
>transhumanist association.

I hope you set him straight that extropy is not a religion -:) Aren't some
of you at the Swedish transhumansit association extropians?

>> >Can we afford that they are visible?<
>> We certainly can afford to be cautious. We can also afford to continue
>> responsibly discussing extropian/transhumanist ideas and providing reliable
>> information to the public. This is our best defense - actively providing
>> reasonable, reliable information.
>Transhumanism definitely need this. In many ways the time is right -
>this is the window of opportunity, our ideas are becoming accessible
>and possible to think about even in the mainstream, and there is a
>real interest.

In the works,


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