Re: LUDD: Luddite Directory?

From: John Marlow (
Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 00:25:08 MST

Oddly enough, they ARE online--even Chellis says having web access is
not a no-no. Been reading up on the originals lately; they were no
laughing matter.


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> writes:
> << What are the best sources of information on the anti-techies, neo-
> Luddites, and their ilk? Have several, but looking for more,
> including pro-Ludd sites/lists, and so on. Also of interest: subsaets
> of above which have an anti-nano or anti-transhuman slant. All
> pointers appreciated.
> jm
> >>
> Sorry jm I havent got any links, but then I find it a bit hypocritical
> that true Luddites and anti techs would choose to voice their views on the
> Net. Maybe you should be checking in your nearest woodland for one of thier
> meetings :o)
> On a serious note I would also be interested to see what the opposition
> have to say.
> Alex

John Marlow

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