Re: What does the US need to move ahead in Space?

From: John Marlow (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 01:16:35 MST

Not certain what we can do about it, but certain that the time is
soon. James Cameron has several space-related projects in the pipe,
to be kicked off with a series about the first manned mission to
Mars. From an as-yet-unpublished interview:

"I’m hoping that it [the films/series] can have an impact. That’s my
motivation for making some of the projects... I’ve spent the last
year and a half planning several of these. I want to get people
reinvigorated about the space efforts we’re making right now and what
we hope that will be a springboard to—which is the exploration of

We have here a man with an unparalleled global media reach. If anyone
can get American--indeed world--society into a "go mode" for space
exploration, this would be the guy. NASA takes him very seriously,
and his knowledge of the details is impressive. Politicians bow to
public will. If the public is screaming for men on Mars, we might get
just that--likely the NASA version, of course.

So whatever you come up with, plan to implement soon--possibly within
a year (Cameron's best estimate on time of debut--though he notes he
said the same thing a year ago...).


On 29 Mar 2001, at 20:20, Adrian Tymes wrote:

> 1. The article doesn't load for me, even with Javascript turned on.
> Looks like something's broken on that site.
> 2. Yeah, so, what can *we* (not the US gov't, but us whom the US gov't
> won't take seriously because it thinks NASA's promoting space
> access) do about it?
> wrote:
> >
> > America needs competition to advance in space
> > ----------
> > by James Pinkerton
> > "[A]s history proves, the key to a vibrant spacefaring culture
> > is competition. For three decades, space travel has been
> > essentially a NASA monopoly, and the result has been textbook:
> > high costs and constricted supply. Indeed, the U.S. agency seems
> > determined to do everything possible to choke off private travel
> > into space." (03/28/01)
> >
> >
> > D=108
> >
> > MB
> >

John Marlow

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