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From: Jim Fehlinger (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 18:47:44 MST

"Michael M. Butler" wrote:
> I wrote:
> >
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > ...or "Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche, another runner
> > > in the night"
> >
> > Has anybody actually ever figured out what the original Manfred Mann
> > line was supposed to be?
> Revved up like a deuce[, another runner in the night.]
> Possibly referring to "little deuce coupe", etc.
> And the original writer/performer was Bruce Springsteen.

Thanks for clearing up that mystery (and try to forgive my ignorance
about Bruce Springsteen ;-> )! I guess there aren't many "deuce
coupes" (1932 Ford coupes) on the roads anymore, but here's a picture
of one:

Oh, in case anybody's interested, these creatively misheard
lyrics are called "mondegreens", named after the transformation

"Oh, they have slain the Earl of Murray
And laid him on the green."


"Oh, they have slain the Earl of Murray
And Lady Mondegreen."

I think my favorite is the version of the Lord's Prayer containing
the line "...and lead us not into Penn Station...".

There are more at

Any lit/lang lore floating around in my head (including this example)
is likely to have been put there by my friend F, who pays much more
attention to such things than I do ;-> .

Jim F.

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