Re: Godhood (was: Re: How To Live In A Simulation)

From: Mikael Johansson (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 14:15:01 MST

> I think that godhood is relative matter:
> If we were to create a simulation of other universe in computer
> we would satisfy the requirements for your 'Type I God'. We have ability
> to chance laws of our simulation but we were still restricted by the laws
> of our universe. 'Type II Gods' can exist then, absolute power is another
> thing.
> But would 'Type III God' be possible and would that need "alternative
> mathematics'? Perhaps you philosophers know can such a thing exist and
> what would it be? A set of theorems impossible to prove with theorems from
> another set?

Being the religiously mathematical mathematician that I am, I simply don't
buy the possibility of existence of a Type III God. That's one of the main
reasons I am pronouncedly not a Christian.

The thing is, that in a system -- where the laws of logic as well as a few
starting points are taken to be axiomatic -- such as mathematics, the
possibility of violating the laws of the system simply is not there within
the system. And stepping out of the system is just that -- and it's simple
to violate the laws of a system while not in it.

I could elaborate and make it clearer what I'm talking about --- but not at
this time of day...

// Mikael Johansson

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