Re: Emulation vs. Simulation

Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 23:15:15 MST

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<< In my original description of the Eugene Leitl lookup table,
 I specified that trillions of Earths would be run to generate
 all the possible situations in which Eugene would decide
 what he would do and say in every conceivable situation. Only
 in this way would the resultant piece of computronium do
 everything that a real flesh-and-blood, or an uploaded, Eugene
 would do. Indeed it would learn, in the sense that you could
 tell it something that it did not appear to know, but then
 would appear to know on subsequent occasions.
Lee, how do we decide that the recreated observer is most in common with the
contiguous memories of the deceased one is recreating? Or is it just
different versions of us, in predominantly, ludicrous, universes? Or do we
narrow down the 'worlds' that most, closely, resemble us and ours? (head
spinning) How much computing capacity would it take to regenerate our realm,
because I have heard that it's 10^45, and using the Beckenstein Bound,
10^123, respectively??



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