Re: Economic (ignorance) Nativism and me

Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 10:21:03 MST

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<< So, perhaps the need for H1Bs is completely real? >>
It might just be.

<<Because... there is no shortfall. Or, if there is, in the areas of medical
and legal people you can't just ship 'em in, because of regulation of the

Let's hear it for deregulation! Then let the howls begin. :-)

<<There are definitely contracting shops around who are trucking in Indian
coders (damn their skillful hides) and selling their services. I know it's
happening here (oz), dunno bout the US.>>

It's happening by the ton-full in the USA. I had spoken with one contractor
that the H-1B thing was going on, as I have suggested it, but it was a good
deal for him. Ah Well! He did send 700.00 to his Mom in India, which he said
let her live quite nicely for about 4 months. He's a nice guy.

<<There's no shortage of managers!!!>>

Boy! But there is a shortage of Good Manager. Management By Ego MBE sucks!
Also these management buddy-boys seems to be inviolable from being replaced
by somebody out of country. There's the rub. Who is to say we are not being
cheated out of a great manager from Mongolia (properly trained in American
English and culture!) instead of some tyrannical egoist? Free Global
competition means free global competition -no exceptions.

<<If not, and it shits us, then we retrain into a new industry. Hell knows,
coders have been involved in making that happen (redundancy) to enough other
workers out there. No-one will cry for us if it is our turn, mark my words!

(blah, lost my sig)>>

If that industry doesn't physically exist, then where to? Sounds like Kurt
Vonnegut's Player Piano, in which all people have been replaced by
automation. Or better yet, Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash.


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