Re: ATTN: Extropian Musicians

Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 13:25:17 MST

From: E. Shaun Russell

>Though Emlyn addressed most of this in an earlier message, it might help me
to know what kind of keyboard you have. (snip)<

My composition will be a vocal lyric. In this case, what type of software and mic do I need to create the best reverberations for vocals - or should I just sit in the shower with a recorder? If the shower is the best and simplest option, what type of homegrown recorder should I use?

While I've performed vocals in recording studios and then edited the soundtrack to my videos, recording studios have drawbacks: Iím on their time; I usually work best very late at night; and I need to be "in the mood" which cannot be scheduled too far in advance due to my own peripatetic imagination.

Any suggestions for upgrading my digital studio to include a cost-efficient sound lab?



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