Re: TECH: Telephones & DSL: Can we lose the phone?

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Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 01:36:21 MST

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>Now, if people move to this en-mass is the phone company going to
>"wise up" and insist that you pay for voice service on any
>DSL connection? Will the telephone company "disconnect"
>your DSL line if you close your voice line? (Are these policies
>already spelled out or will they be determined by letters to the
>commission overseeing the Telco and potentially lawsuits?).

Robert, although I can't recall where I saw this, I do believe that at
least some telephone companies, if they are installing your DSL, will not
let you cancel your regular phone line. I'm probably getting this a bit
wrong, but I do recall my Covad installation guy saying something like the
restriction you mention exists. Perhaps what he said was that they would
not allow the DSL company to install a DSL line unless the customer already
had a phone line and did not cancel it.

Sorry I can't be more precise, but I'd be curious to know what happens if
you try it. You first!



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