Re: Hoof and mouth disease: bio-warfare?

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 19:04:59 MST

From: "Pat Fallon" <>
> The current wisdom theorises that FMD is viral in nature. Symptoms of
> in livestock begin usually with a temperature, followed within 24 hours
> the appearance of blisters and ulcerations on places such as the tongue,
> lips, gums, dental pad, interdigital skin of the feet, bulbs of the
> and milk teats. Occasionally, ulcerations appear inside the nostrils or
> the muzzle. Visually, these ulcerations are the equivalent of large
> sores. The resultant illness and lameness causes decreased appetite, a
> in milk yield, a drop in productivity, and of course, increased care
> Afflicted animals almost always recover, usually within a week or two.
> occurs in only 5 percent of cases. [UK Times, 1.3.2001]

Infuckingcredible! So, why don't they let the disease run it's course?

> "...convinced me that
> foot-and-mouth disease is a consequence of malnutrition pure and simple,
> that the remedies which have been devised in countries like Great
Britian to
> deal with the trouble, namely, the slaughter of the affected animals,
> both superficial and also inadmissible. Such attempts to control an
> outbreak should cease."

Sounds like some hidden motive, some ulterior agenda is at work here.
How very mysterious...
Malnutition, eh?
I've got it!
Put white powder of gold in the animals' feed.
That'll fix 'em.


Stay hungry,

--J. R.

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