Re: Permission Granted!

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 20:57:44 MST

Lee Corbin wrote:
> I agree. And just like the original, I too give
> permission to emulate me, and then terminate me
> if necessary, so long as my experience isn't
> obviously unpleasant. In fact, I'll do the
> original one better and place myself under GPL,
> so now you can distribute me without restriction,
> provided you make the source-code to any emulator
> that incorporates my way of thinking freely
> freely available. Top that, Lee v1.0!

I'll top that.

I give permission to emulate me, then terminate the emulation, so long
as at all times there is still one copy of me that has been under the
ultimate and direct control of itself (not an emulation of itself) from
now until the emulation/termination.

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