Re: Orpheus [Was: Re: SPACE: Why so much EVA on ISS?]

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 03:11:31 MST

On 19 Mar 2001, Anders Sandberg wrote:

> Actually, it is a green nightmare - all of nature has turned out to be
> artificial. It seems it was all some kind of biotech left by an alien
> supercivilisation, and now some of the aliens are making a
> comeback. The only thing saving people is high powered genetic
> engineering, nanotech and geoengineering. Living in harmony with
> nature means you (and your standard ecology) is going to be
> assimilated ;-)

Then my hat is off to you (as it usually is).
As the old saying goes -- "Turnabout is fair play".


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