Re: MOVIES: Spielberg's A.I.

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 11:25:18 MST

> writes:
> > The notions that in "heaven" one
> > would only sing hymns and nothing else would every happen and no
> > challenges would arise was a silly (and pretty horrible) parody.

The Seventh Day Adventist prophet Ellen White had a vision
of heaven which deals with the boredom problem. In her
description, heaven was much more earthlike than the other
versions of heaven: no harps, no floating around on clouds,
etc. Hers was a heaven which had an actual planet (a new
earth), made of atoms, a gravity field etc. The inhabitants
were all farmers. (I swear Im not making this up.) Except
they all had really good farms, which produced really good
food and few weeds, mild climate, like the original garden
of Eden. I guess she thought farming wasnt boring. Or
wouldnt become boring, even after infinitely many years. spike

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