Re: Sharing Models, was: Intestinal Fortitude

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 14:03:12 MST

actually, any file associated with an application will do this without
any server configurations. What is needed is a web interface so the
spreadsheet stays on the server and people can run it via a java gui or
some such. I'm playing with Spike's spreadsheet now, and I can make a
Visual Basic interface for it, which I'm sure can be served up via a
java interface somehow. I just need some help from Spike on explaining
what the heck he was thinking with everything....

"Robert J. Bradbury" wrote:
> Spike said:
> > We need to arrange a side session before or after Extro5 to discuss
> > orbit mechanics and perhaps a site somewhere with a spreadsheet
> > where anyone can go online and make first order calcs on their
> > favorite SSTO scheme. How would this be done? If I write a
> > spreadsheet to do the numbers, how easy is it to make it
> > accessible to anyone?
> It looks to me like all you have to do is stick it on a server
> that is configured to serve .xls files. For example, Nicks server
> served up a MS-Word file and my browser just popped it into Word
> (great way to spread viruses...). What we really need in the
> long run is an Excel -> Java or Mathematica -> Java converter.
> I suspect this isn't particularly straight forward. I've wanted
> to get my planetary dismantlement simulation into Java so people
> could play with it for a long time.
> Its easy for me to set up a server for you on one of my machines.
> Unfortunately it looks like the domain is
> already taken (:-)). You just gotta pick out a domain name and
> register it (I use eNom). Alternatively you can use the ~username
> convention.
> Robert

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