Transhumanist FAQ

Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 15:12:45 MST

Hello everyone!

Please forgive my quick sign off from the list for a short while. I was dealing with a surplus - actually a flood - of work and commitments. (I'll be posting a more about this shortly.)

My writing today is to ask for some help: While E. Shaun and others are working on updating the Transhumanist FAQ located at Extropy Institute (as E. Shaun Russell has explained a month or so ago), I'm also working on the Transhumanist FAQ for metaCULTURE (re: Global Transhumanism) and I want to make sure that it reflects not only our history, but also updates on our *current* ideas and directions.

Please contact me off list for your updates and other suggestions.


Natasha Vita-More


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